19" Wall Mount Server Enclosure 6U (20"x35"x12"), SYSRACKS WS 6906

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19”  Wall Mounted compact Rack

6U 20"x35"x12" (500x900x300 mm.)

For Server Equipment Vertical Installation

(4-sided perforation)
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Wall mounted server rack SYSRACKS WS is 19-inch platform design for housing telecommunications and server equipment for SOHO (Small office/home office) segment.

Office and home space is a value to be used in a smart fashion. Installation of floor mounted server rack is not always an option as it is one more obstacle for free moving around.

WS server cabinet portability is achieved via vertical load of 19” equipment, while wall mount option save the space.


Modern high performance servers generate heat in big quantities. So the choice of server cabinet’s design which ensures stability of equipment performance and comfort operations shall take into account this criteria which is to say the natural conventional withdrawal of heat from the inside of the rack body.

SYSRACKS  WS has a body structure perforated from four sides which ensures the natural (80% +) withdrawal of the air stream. There is NO NEED for active ventilation though it is technically do-able.

NO active ventilation is NOT just about saving power, BUT it also facilitates noise control and that is important for office and home use.

The finish gives off an office furniture look not a technical one!
Smart buy

SYSRACKS WS is a wall mounted 6U server cabinet (800 mm. depth). These features are enough to accommodate server, modem and switch which are all needed to set up a server type LAN with Internet access.

Budgetary savings here will be around 50% in complaince with the floor mounted cabinet.

You would like to place this server cabinet at the foreground to stress the IT technology outlook of your Company!

We have achieved the technical design aesthetics!
of course

One more reason you would like to choose SYSRACKS cabinets in your projects is a flat compact packaging!

It is convenient for both: storage and moving.

The construction is supplied unassembled and this allows to save between 50% and 70% of total space!

Three Undisputable Advantages:

1. Saving between 50% and 70% of the rack space during its storage and transportation.

2. Assembled construction allows to deliver and mount the rack at the technical facilities with narrow doorways and/or at the facilities with no cargo elevators.

System integrators and project organizations can only enjoy their work.

Types of produced sizes
  • Height:6U;
  • Width:500мм.;
  • Depth:305мм;
Support framework
  • perforated steel enclosure.
Input cable
  • bottom of the enclosure are cable entry with “bridges” for securing cable with nylon straps.
  • passive – circulation streams thought body structure perforated from four sides.
Protecting by IP
  • IP20, four size punching.
Load capability
  • Static load not exceeding 60 kg.
  • Rolled steel;
  • Carcass thickness: 2mm, 19” profiles 2mm, other component parts 1,5mm.
  • Powder paint with degreasing and anti-corrosive phosphate.
  • Gray RAL7035;

Base case system includes: 19" enclosure ,a set of nuts/screws/washers (20 un.).

Marks Descriptions Package (CTNS) G.WT (KGS) Meas (CBM)
WS 6806.733 19" wall mounted server enclosure 6U 500x305x850 1 18,4 0,15

For drawing up of design documentation provide drawings in DWG format.


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