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Soundproof server rack

The equipment, and is intended for installation of server blades, storage systems and power supplies, looks like an ordinary wardrobe, but at the same time serves as a ventilated soundproof server rack.

The advantage is that the server rack can be placed on any free space in the office. At the same time, the servers will not interfere with their surrounding noise, and customers can save on equipment that ensures the creation of the required temperature conditions in the room.

Significant noise reduction is a key feature of this equipment. With it, it was possible to reduce the noise level by 98.5%, which means that you can sit in the office side by side with servers without experiencing any discomfort. Putting the server in a soundproof box - not problem, but we need to ensure good ventilation in the closet and ensure that the sound does not penetrate

Here you can also include the functions of monitoring the state of the environment, checking the level of humidity, temperatures inside and outside the case, the condition of the cooling system, the condition of the uninterruptible power supply, as well as recording the triggering of the intrusion detection sensors.

Why do you need noise control?

To comply with safety regulations;
The risk of hearing loss is halved if noise reduction of 5 decibels is taken into account;
Productivity will increase significantly, because prolonged exposure to noise creates stress factors, which in turn leads to negative consequences.

Server rack and cabinet for sale

In the case of planning sound insulation of any closed space, the first thing that is desirable to perform
it is to fill all the gaps. After all, if air will leak through these intervals, the sound will be heard.

But if we talk about server racks, then you can forget about it. There should be some air in the server rack, otherwise the server will surely overheat, but for us this is unacceptable

Keep in mind that server rack can reduce server noise to the maximum

Do not forget to specify the dimensions, such as length and width, in order for the order to be accurate; we need to reliably know about the parameters of the cabinet

As you can see, we did not hide anything from you
So we make it clear that we can be trusted.
Now you know where to buy server cabinets from America and Canada, safely and inexpensively, and the delivery will make the purchase very quickly.
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