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Floor server rack

An outdoor telecommunications cabinet is an optimal solution for placing server hardware in specialized enclosed spaces. Most models are designed with the expectation of convenient replacement of equipment, its maintenance, updating and addition of new elements, which is always true for structured cable networks.

Regardless of where the floor server cabinet is installed, its compactness and capacity are extremely relevant both in the server and in the office or administrative premises. Saving space and usability are not the only advantages of modern cabinets. The floor cabinet ensures the safety of the equipment, protecting it from possible extraneous influences, and also helps to create conditions for the long-term uninterrupted operation of the system.

The cabinet telecommunication floor consists of several components. It is based on a frame on which the side panels, doors, shelves, covers and guides are fixed. The folding design makes it easy to transport the cabinet floor, and the assembly takes less than 1 hour for one person.

Combines all floor cabinets with a single standard distance between the vertical rails-19 inches (428.6 mm). This size allows you to comfortably accommodate almost all types of network equipment.

The external width of cabinets for floor installation can be 600 or 800 millimeters. If the priority in choosing cabinet dimensions is to save space, preference is given to the first option. In addition, floor cabinets 19 ′′ wide 600 mm are often used in the cross nodes, where the floor tile has the appropriate size - 60 * 60 centimeters. The advantage of floor standing server cabinet is that between the guides and side panels there is space for convenient cabling and installation of connectors. The overall internal volume in such designs also provides more options for installing various devices.

Why choose a floor rack for the server

Many companies opt for open racks to host their servers. The floor server cabinet is another variant of physical data management that offers a number of advantages:
  • ● increased security (doors and locks limit physical access to servers)
  • ● more precise temperature control system
  • ● more silencing
  • ● more pleasant design

Server rack and cabinet for sale

Analyzing all the factors, it is quite clear that this device is very convenient and practical. But where to buy it? We can confidently say that the best of them are in Canada and in the USA.
The delivery service works 24/7 and you will receive your order in time and fully equipped
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