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Server rack cooling

Cooling the server rack directly - air-conditioned rack
For the server room, which consists of one rack, and the room in which it is installed is very small, there is a special air conditioner that can be placed directly in the rack. The solution is best suited for racks with heat generation up to 7 kW / rack, while the air conditioner occupies only 7U (units) of rack space. In special cases, the air conditioner can be installed above the rack by ensuring the necessary circulation of the air flow in the rack with the help of special structures above the rack. To improve the reliability, the installation of a backup outdoor condensing unit, which runs parallel to the main one, is provided. The air conditioner is controlled by specialized software developed by HiRef specialists and can integrate the equipment into a network (up to 16 units). The main controller can be connected to the general automation system, which in the event of an air conditioner failure, gives a signal to open the doors in the rack. The in-cabinet air conditioner uses inverter technologies that allow for stable and energy-efficient cooling of the rack. Low power consumption and the absence of starting currents make it possible to provide power to the air conditioner from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The main advantages of in-rack cooling of the server room with the use of inverter air conditioner:
- Modulation of cooling power from 30 to 100%.
- Adjustment of the air flow in accordance with the cooling performance for energy saving.
- High energy efficiency at partial loads
- Stable cooling temperature.
- Air flow sensor
- Ability to work with high temperatures of cooled air.
- Lack of water in the rack.
- Simple expansion of the cooling system
- The ability to reserve an outdoor (compressor-condenser) unit.
- In case of an accident, a signal is given to open the door automatically
- Outdoor units small, light weight
- Low operating costs.

Server rack cooling for sale

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