This independent manufacturer's warranty is valid simultaneously with prescribed by law provisions of the standard warranty for a buyer is granted only to the first purchaser at the time of purchase of a new product.

1. Manufacturer's warranty guarantees the end user, the original purchaser of new equipment that, in accordance with the standard warranty, products purchased them has no visible or hidden defects in production.
The manufacturer's warranty provides that, at the discretion of the manufacturer will be repaired or replaced with a similar product. The user can not be limited to the right to waive the purchase agreement entered into with the seller, or the right to cancel the transaction with the seller on the basis of the manufacturer's warranty. User will not pay for expenses related to the presentation and consideration of warranty claims cases in respect of which he is endowed with the rights set forth in this agreement.
An exception to this can only be the need to replace parts or pieces of equipment damaged due to the fault of the Buyer. In this case, will be billed to pay for a new replaceable part, taking into account discounts provided by the user, the proportional amount of resources the old parts. To all parts of metal structures are warranted for a period of 36 months, and 12 months on the electrical. This period shall be counted from the date of purchase by the user.
To prove the rights arising out of this agreement, the user must provide a receipt showing the date of purchase. This requirement can not replace any other statements made during the interactive this agreement. Providing evidence of a warranty case rests with the user.

Range of application The guarantee should be provided only after the warranty case with the preparation of a written claim.

The manufacturer's warranty does not cover defects caused by improper use or improper maintenance of the equipment, or in violation of the recommendations to the server room, which are based on standard TIA/EIA-569 and CH-512. In cases of unjustified for a warranty claim in accordance with this agreement, arising, in particular, due to the expiration of the warranty period, the lack of adequate rights for the person makes a claim, or the lack of a warranty case, the Distributor reserves the right to charge a fee for the time of work and materials spent to perform repairs.

  4. Product provided as a replacement must appear to be new or as new, provided that it has functionality at least equal to the corresponding product being replaced. In the event of such replacement, the new product will be distributed the remaining warranty, which operated on the original product.
Handling claims for any payment downtime should be avoided. Should also be excluded waiver member under this agreement to a third party, except for claims payments.
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