Server rack

Sysmatrix WR

Five types of height: 6U / 9U / 12U / 15U / 18U.
Six types of depth: 6"/ 14"/ 18"/ 21,5"/ 24"/ 27,5"

Sysmatrix WR


Is a wall mounted 6U server cabinet (32" depth).
WS server cabinet   portability  is  achieved via vertical load of 19” equipment,
while wall mount option save the space.



Due to the AIR CONTROL SYSTEM deployment allows to achieve:
- active equipment stable performance due to the comfort temperature range
- two independent control zones
- active ventilation block resources savings
- power save mode
- vent modules noise pollution control (important for office space)


IT & Telecom Cabinet SYSMATRIX TR

- Factory installed   AIR Control system
- Active ventilation in base model

IT & Telecom Cabinet      SYSMATRIX   TR


- Air Control System
- 4 Fans
- 1 PDU
- 1 Shelf
- 4 Casters
- Hardware 50 pcs

What clients say
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  • I must admit that the rack looks pretty nice and sturdy!
    -- Nicolas Srivas --
  • It really is a home design.
    I installed a cabinet at home, it decorates the interior
    -- Tomac Clossit --
  • I've assembled the unit yesterday and its great.
    Well worth the wait!
    -- Alexandr Banick --

Server rack

Whether running a small business or a large enterprise, effective data storage and access are essential for company operation. A common solution is a dedicated data server for in-house hosting of client data, website back-end database or application environment.

A server rack is an essential part of any network. It is its physical backbone that sits at the center of the system. It has to be stable, secure, yet easily interchangeable. Since most servers require non-stop network operation and access, using quality server enclosures for your IT equipment is essential.

Server enclosure types

There are two main types of server enclosures, each having its advantages and best use-case scenarios:

  • open frame racks
  • server cabinets

Open server racks, besides having simpler construction and thus being more budget-friendly have the major benefit of easy access and wiring. They also allow natural heat dispersal, essentially levelling unit's temperature with that of the room.

Cabinet-type of server racks allow for precise control of temperature range as they can be fitted with an air control system, usually consisting of a number of fans. They can also be fitted with a lock and key for greater security. Finally, since servers tend to produce noise which increases with the size of the unit, this type of racks can be made sound-proof, as do several of our new models. Server cabinets, in turn, come in several types, each offering its own advantages:

  • floor-standing rack cabinets can often be handled without additional installations, much like a regular computer, with greater ease of access
  • wall-mounted rack cabinets are more space-efficient as they can be installed in unused spaces and also be more physically isolated from human environment, granting the possibility of extra protection and security as well as more precise control of temperature and noise levels

Server rack dimensions

Using enclosures of standard dimensions and type greatly facilitates the process of installation, maintenance and repairs, while also making the process of upgrading more seamless. There are several common sizes of server racks that are most widely used by businesses worldwide. The industry standard, however, is a rack which is 19 inch wide, rack mount rails being 17 3/4″ (480.85 mm) apart and with a new shelf section added every 1.75″ (44.45 mm) in height. Each section is called a rack unit (commonly abbreviated as U or RU). Height of the rack is usually measured in its increments and expressed as a multiple of a single rack unit. For example, 4U or 4RU means that the enclosure is 7″ in height (1.75″ X 4).

We build our server racks in all common types of height (6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U) and depth: (6", 14", 18", 21,5", 24", 27,5"). Furthermore, the rails are internally adjustable to accommodate special equipment or custom cabling solution.

Server rack for sale

If you are looking where to buy server racks, look no further. Being one of the major vendors of server racks in Canada we build our enclosures exclusively from high-quality components. All our products are rigorously tested prior to sale to rule out returns. We offer fast and secure delivery anywhere in the Canada at domestic shipping rates. Customers wishing to buy our server racks in USA can conveniently choose US dollars as their currency while also benefiting from faster and easier shipping and customs process.

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