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Server rack shelf

For the convenience of maintenance and switching of network and telecommunications equipment, as well as to protect against unwanted access in public places, use server cabinets and telecommunication racks. They are equipped with a mounting perforation along the length of the racks, the pitch of which is a multiple of 1U, the adopted unit for measuring the height of network devices.

To install the equipment are server shelves. They are mounted in cabinets and racks. According to the dimensions of the bead, there are shelves with a height of 0U, 1U and 2U. Since the vast majority of installation equipment is 19 inches wide, the 19 ”server shelf is the most popular type of product, although 10” wide models are also on the market. Product depth rarely exceeds 40-45 cm.

Types of server shelves

There are several types of server shelves according to the criterion of capacity and type of installation.

Retractable shelf. Equipped with special guides with rollers that allow you to push it beyond the borders of the front panel of a two-pillar rack or cabinet. Convenient for equipment maintenance.
Console shelf. It is intended for installation in a single-frame rack, therefore it has a limited carrying capacity (up to a maximum of 20 kg). However, since most devices are lightweight, the 19 ”cantilever shelf is one of the most popular models on the market. For its installation requires a special set for mounting.
Stationary shelf. Mounted in a rack with two frames or in a telecommunications cabinet. It has a high load capacity.
Document box. It can be used to store related documentation (instructions, descriptions, etc.) or small parts / tools (connectors, testers, etc.).
Product area can be solid or perforated for better air circulation and equipment cooling. The most demanded model, because of its versatility, is a 19 ”wide and 2U high server shelf, console or stationary, solid or perforated.

Server rack and cabinet shelf for sale

This shelf is a very important part of the cabinet, therefore, it is impossible to treat carelessly the question of its purchase.
Therefore, it is obvious that such an important detail as the purchase of a shelf for a server cabinet finds its application with us. Only high-quality shelves from the USA and Canada will be with you in the shortest possible time.
Therefore, do not hesitate with its purchase, since it will never be superfluous in your server room
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