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Open server rack

A server is a fundamental part of any data infrastructure. It is widely used in IT.
The server rack is an open structure designed to house network equipment. It is a lighter and cheaper option for a server cabinet. In contrast, the rack is open on all sides, which is very convenient for monitoring the operation of equipment and server maintenance. Another advantage of this type of construction is the possibility of constant air cooling due to the free movement of air between the equipment.
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Before placing an order, the buyer needs to understand where the rack will be installed, what equipment will be installed on it. Depending on this product is selected. Structural features of the rack are divided into:
  • • single frame;
  • • two-frame.

The difference between them is that the two-frame version has great strength, this server rack is used for the installation of heavy equipment. In addition, two-frame stand can have:
  • • fixed depth between rivers;
  • • adjustable depth.

Equipment can be of different heights from 0.5U to 20-30U. The most running stands are 24u, 42u. They are enough to accommodate the right amount of equipment to ensure the smooth operation of a computer network. When buying it is recommended to consider the prospect of network expansion.

The open rack cabinet helps to solve many problems and tasks related to the placement and preservation of server and telecommunications products. Thanks to the cabinet, all elements are combined into one system, which simplifies installation and subsequent maintenance of expensive equipment.
It is very important that the server cabinet ensures reliable grounding of all elements, because the chips are very vulnerable to static current.

Server rack for sale

Ok, now we know what open server rack is. But where it can be bought profitable? We know the answer. The best ones are sold in USA and Canada. Ordering do not forget to specify exactly width and sizes at all
Delivery is quick and quarantined that your open server rack arrives to you safe and sound.
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