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Wall mount server cabinet and swing out enclosure is also in product line of SYSRACKS.

Attractive design and multifunctionality make this product one of the best IT solutions in home/office environment.

The advantage of SYSRACKS enclosures is that you can use it as wall mount and free standing unit.

A set of standing feet is included in all cabinets.

The structure allows for air flow circulation and installing of wiring and cable supply.

Lockable and removable side and rear panels guarantee the full access to the equipment.

The SRW series cabinets can be used for mounting server, AVG, security equipment.

The max depth of 24” can house most rack-mount servers and provide a solid protection,

noise reduction and secure temperature regime in working environment.     

    SRW 600 series cabinets is supplied with:

  • 1 cooling fan at the top,

  • 2 brush type cable entry (top/bottom),

  • 1fix shelving unit

  • 8-way PDU,

  • mounting hardware (20 pcs),

  • 4 standing feet.


  Also, a wide selection of accessories is available at SYSRACKS.

  We ship all around North America and reached a significant progress in packaging

  and protection of our  product.

  We use a few kinds of protective materials: inner foam board protective corners,

  cardboard protectors,   multi-layer carton and wrapping materials.

  The SRW 600 cabinets are supplied non-assembled and the assembling process takes about 20-25 min.


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