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"SYSRACKS" is the official distributor of telecommunication and IT equipment In North America.                                                                           

Our company is an affiliated division of Trade Industrial Alliance "Brian Construction".

SYSRACKS consolidates the branches in Europe, Asia and now North America.

SYSRACKS Innovations is aimed at continuous improvement product, quality and enlargement of functionality of the products.

We keep moving forward learning the world experience in the IT field and needs of our customers,

trying to improve and bring our solutions to the level of world IT leaders and even surpassing in some areas.

SYSRACKS ARCHITECTURE  associates with modern, innovative, convenient, sturdy, secured and high quality product.

We follow the tendency of "new generation" of mounting constructions:

  • manufacturing of designs;

  • stable performance and high loading capacity of the structure;

  • low cost on storage and transport  thanks to the compact packing and assembling construction. 

Aim on giving our customers confidence that solutions SYSRACKS guarantees high performance and reliability on all levels of integrated projects.

                                                Our philosophy
” From our customers’ needs to integrated approach of solutions”

Quality, functionality and aesthetics of our products inspires.

Double quality control while manufacturing guaranties high level SYSRACKS.

We collaborate on only high technology companies Certified  ISO-9001-2001 have been certified according to SGFand ROHS,

and have been applying double control quality methods to supply only high quality products to our customers.

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