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Server Cabinet

Server cabinets are one of the best ways to correctly and compactly place various types of network equipment, while occupying minimal space. These metal structures are also designed to protect high-tech devices reliably and ensure their efficient operation regardless of the surrounding conditions.

The scope of telecommunication cabinets is quite wide, but in short it can be said that they are most in demand in structured cable networks and data centers. In most cases, standard cabinets are used 19 inches. This standard makes it easy to install in the server cabinet almost any type of telecommunications equipment, most of which are produced in the same size.

Any cabinet has a standard design consisting of several elements. First of all, it is a frame that can be collapsible or all-welded. Collapsible structures go on sale in the form of individual elements that must be assembled directly at the installation site of the cabinet. This is true for rooms and buildings in which there is no possibility of delivering solid structures to the installation site. In addition, transporting collapsible cabinets is much easier. In turn, all-welded cabinets do not require the time spent on their installation. An important role in the design of server cabinets is also played by perforated guides in which the equipment is installed.

The side and rear walls can be made in removable or non-removable version. In some models, another door is installed instead of the rear wall - along with the front one. It is important that on the bottom and roof of the cabinet there should be convenient cable entries and places for the installation of the ventilation system. It is always quailty one.

Server wall and cabinet for sale

It is perfect solution for small office or home office.
  • • Compatible with all 19" rackmount equipment
  • • 35 - 105 lb load capacity
  • • One pair of brackets is included for mounting additional, network equipment.
  • • Equipment's mounting rails are required
  • • If you haven't enough space for a full size rack

  • • Fits in data closets
  • • Excellent decision for remote sites

It is widely used in IT in Canada, the USA and other countries and that’s why we know well what kind of server cabinet you need. It is always safety to order in us, it'll deliver in time.
Now you know where to buy server cabinet. Be sure that we will not let you down.
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