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Wall mount rack

We have already known what server rack is. But what differences wall racks?

                    There are a lot of benefits
  • • Tempered glass front door;
  • • Galvanized rivers for equipment installation;
  • • The ability to install fans in the bottom, roof and side doors of the cabinet;
  • • Cabinet height options: 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U;
  • • Depth options: 350mm, 500mm and 600mm;
  • • In the design of cabinets are already pressed fasteners, which greatly simplifies the assembly process.

19 "mounting rails are installed with a pitch of 20 mm in round holes. There is no problem with aligning the vertical rails, as in cabinets with oval mounts. Complete with cabinets 350 mm and 500 mm deep, there is one pair of vertical 19" mounting rails, complete with cabinets 600 mm - two pairs

Server rack and cabinet for sale

How to choose a server rack and cabinet for sale?
It is easy to choose a suitable server cabinet; it’s enough to take into account a number of requirements:

  • • Dimensions. Modern cabinets are made in a single standard width between the inner walls, which is equal to 19 inches - according to the equipment standard. The height of the cabinets is measured by units (unofficial units of the height of the instrument block, one unit is equal to 43.7 mm). The depth of a standard cabinet can be 450 or 580 mm. Traditionally, when determining the desired dimensions, take into account the dimensions of the equipment that will be installed in the box, and leave a margin of 10-15 cm for cables and connectors.

  • • Cooling options. Equipment safety is largely dependent on the ambient temperature. Therefore, it is desirable that the cabinet has perforated panels or, if it is very hot in the room where the servers are located, then the mounting holes for the ventilation units or coolers.

  • • Security Choose a case made of steel with a thickness of 0.8-1.5 mm with reinforced ribs and high build quality - this storage is stable to almost all physical influences, and also protects the server from dust.

  • • Coloring. As a rule, safes and counters are painted with gray polymer powder paint, harmless to human health, not forming pores and streaks, not afraid of moisture and temperature changes.

Now you know where to buy server racks. Ordering, you'll get a quality one from Canada and USA. It will safe all your data and help to get more profit from your eqiupment. Also it is delivered fast and you may not worry about safe and sound.
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